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The butterfly is an insect that belongs to the order Lepidoptera. It has two pairs of wings, which are covered with scales. The front pair of wings are called forewings, and the hind pair is known as hindwings. Butterflies have large heads and short antennae on them. Most butterflies fly during the daytime because they cannot see well at night due to small eyesight organs present in their head. Some species can also be seen flying at night, but it's not common among all species. They usually fly from flower to flower while collecting nectar using their long tongue (proboscis). There are about 17000 different kinds of butterflies found worldwide, out of which only 200 types live in the North America region, including Mexico and Canada regions.


In contrast, more than 2000 types exist in the South America region, including Brazil, Chile, etc. More than 3000 types live in the European region, including the UK, France, etc. More than 7000 types live in the Asia region, including Japan, China, etc. Over 10500 different kinds exist in Australia/Oceania regions like New Zealand, etc. Butterflies mostly feed on plants' nectar juices using their beak. Still, some species also eat pollen grains or soft plant tissues like young leaves or flowers' petals for nourishment by piercing into them with sharp mouthparts named mandibles located under the lower lip (labium).


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