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All the objects in space that can cause fusion reactions by igniting the matter inside them, and the bright light, are called stars. They also, star or stars that space plasma state is located in the very bright and large round bastupindakeo. At high temperatures, they continuously generate their fuel through the reaction of nuclear fusion. The heat and pressure generated by nuclear fusion prevent gravitational contraction. When the energy runs out, a star dies, and a white dwarf or neutron star is formed again into a black hole. The closest star to Earth is the Sun. They shine because the energy generated by the nuclear fusion reaction at its center travels through the entire interior of the star and radiates from the outer surface. 

The word "star" ultimately derives from the Proto-Indo European root *stere, meaning to move around in circles. The etymon for Star is also found within this same linguistic family and can be analyzed as h₂eh₁s tēr or one who lights fires with their body heat - both concepts connected closely with burning things such hay on fire but also woodcutters that use Star sighted tools like axes made of steel because they allow heavy cuts without being too dull at night when visibility is low due primarily.

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