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Potato is a vegetable and the most widely cultivated tuber crop in the world. The potato can be eaten as is, raw, cooked, baked or boiled.


Often potatoes are compounded to make Hash browns, French fries and Potato chips. Due to rural poverty and limited technology throughout much of history and even today, many cultures have relied heavily upon this versatile crop for sustenance; some consider it a staple food.


The nutritional value of the potato includes complex carbohydrates (which provide energy), numerous vitamins and minerals (especially potassium) and dietary fibre. The skin contains many phytochemicals (including carotenoids such as alpha-carotene). Potatoes also contain about 80% water by weight; all of which serve as the perfect.


Potatoes are an essential food crop in Andean South America. It was first domesticated there more than 5000 years ago. The potato revolutionized agriculture and became a staple crop throughout the hemisphere. Today about 90% of all cultivable land in Chile is given to potatoes, with some areas up to 100%.


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