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Fire is a form of chemical reaction, which produces energy in the form of heat. One of the discoveries in human history has given people the form of light and warmth to carry when they need it. It has provided opportunities for everything from cooking to running factories and even power plants. Likewise, it is created due to the presence of oxygen in the air. The fuel must heat enough to ignite the fire. As long as there is enough heat, fuel, and oxygen, the fire will continue to burn.


People usually die due to toxic gases, thick black smoke, and lack of oxygen. Even a tiny amount of toxic elements in a fire can overwhelm a person in an instant. Home fires cause harmful reactions to carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide as well as some other chemicals. These reactions can cause permanent damage to the respiratory tract of a person or animal and can even cause death.


To be safe from fire, install smoke alarms on every level of the house. A discussion should be held with all the members of the family on how to avoid it. If the house catches fire, it is necessary to come out immediately.


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