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Clouds are usually formed by water particles floating in the sky. The sky is full of water, but we don't see it. Although water particles are microscopic to see, they remain in the sky in the form of water vapor. They are found in two layers, one very high in the sky and one very close to the earth's surface. However, there are very few clouds that are close to the ground. Clouds that are close to the ground are called fog.


It also has different shapes. At the top are the cirrus clouds, which look like feathers. In the middle are cumulus clouds which are like giant cotton balls. At the bottom is a stratus cloud that covers the sky like a bedsheet. Most of the water in the cloud is in microscopic particles. Water particles are so light that they float in the air. Again those particles sometimes combine with other water particles to form large drops. Then the force of gravity causes rain to fall on the earth. When the wind cools down, snow may fall instead of rain. Even the icy rain, storm, or even hail can come from the clouds.


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