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A bed is a piece of furniture that allows people to sleep or relax in a horizontal position with elevated legs and pillows. It is also known as a "sleeping platform" used by humans since at least the early Neolithic period (7000 BC). Beds with wooden frames date back 4000 years ago in Asia Minor. In contrast, beds were made from stone slabs during the Iron Age in Europe and Scandinavia.


The Romans had mattresses filled with feathers or straw, which they called palliasses; these were replaced mainly by upholstered beds over time but remained common until the 18th century when new manufacturing techniques allowed them to be constructed out of lighter materials such as wood and metal springs instead of ropes and stone blocks like their predecessors.


In addition to being used for sleeping, beds have historically served many purposes, including seating (e.g., trundle beds), tables (e.g., folding mattresses), desks (e.g., daybeds), storage (e.g., futons), clothes hampers/closets/chests-on-chest etc. Most modern beds consist of mattress support systems mainly composed of box spring foundations topped.


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