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A zombie is a mythological undead corporeal revenant most commonly seen in works of horror and fantasy. The term is derived from Haitian folklore and means "dead corpse reanimated through various means." Most often, zombies are the result of magic. Whether a person dies naturally or by some supernatural power, a zombie is a dangerous presence that may threaten human life.


It's a bug in the operating system


When macOS detects a zombie process, it does not let the user access it. Instead, it displays the Dock and pretends to be quit when it is not. When zombie processes are not removed, they accumulate and may indicate a system problem. If you notice that your Mac keeps accumulating zombie processes, you may want to repair the parent processes.


You can determine if a process is zombie by checking its pid (process id) code. These codes are stored in the PCB of the process and contain the state, process counter, open file list, CPU scheduling, memory management, and input-output status. You can also use the strace command to kill the process. Note that you should use strace instead of SIGTERM or SIGKILL to terminate a zombie process.


It's a folklore


Zombies have gained widespread popularity throughout folklore, especially in the US, where the Walking Dead TV series has fueled interest in the myth. The TV show depicts an apocalyptic dystopia in which small bands of survivors fight to survive against an advancing tide of undead. The concept of zombies evolved from the Hattian zombie myth, which believed that slaves who committed suicide would become walking dead. A similar idea was later used in Voodoo, where slaves believed that dead bodies were brought back to life by Voodoo priests.


The word "zombi" was first used in an American newspaper in 1838, and in a short story written by John Grisham. However, the concept gained more widespread acceptance in 1929 when American travel writer William Seabrook wrote about "voodoo" practices in Haiti and introduced the term "zombi."


It's a movie


Zombie is a movie about an undead epidemic and two people. Ian McCulloch plays a reporter from New York, while Tissa Farrow plays the woman he follows. Both men are fighting to stay alive as a disease spreads across the island and the two find themselves in an impossible situation.


Zombie is an entertaining horror movie that uses zombies to convey a message about the human condition. The story is told with both real and supernatural elements, which creates an important distance between the audience and the characters. The film often focuses on a single character, or a group of survivors.


It's a book


In Zombie is a Book, the world is facing a zombie outbreak. It started in South Africa, and it was first called African rabies. A former Apartheid government official named Paul Redeker, an Afrikaner, is hired to redraft a top-secret plan for a doomsday scenario. Redeker believes that human emotion is at the root of all human problems.


This zombie novel is a classic and one of the best in the genre. It covers an epic time span, and its plot follows the mystery of a disease that separates the human spirit from the human body. The interplay between zombies, humans, and their bodies makes the book one of a kind.


It's a process


In the context of process management, a zombie process is a child of another process. The parent process may be hung, poorly written, or overloaded. In these situations, the zombie process does not take up any CPU or memory, but it takes up space in the process table. This is bad for the system as too many zombie processes can prevent other processes from launching. As a result, zombies can be a huge nuisance.


To prevent zombie processes from being run, you need to know how to identify them. The first step is to identify the parent process, which will be the one whose child processes have gone undead. Using the ps -ef command, you can find the parent process.


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