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Whales are among the largest species of aquatic mammals. They belong to the order Cetacea. While any cetacean species can be considered a whale, the term is generally used to refer to any mammal that is over three meters long. The smallest of these mammals is the dwarf sperm whale, which is only 2.7 meters long, but bears striking resemblance to its larger namesake. The blue whale, on the other hand, can grow to 30 meters in length and weigh up to 200 tons.


Whales have two blowholes side-by-side. While they lack teeth, their upper jaw has a sieve-like structure that helps them filter plankton from the water. Their diet is primarily composed of krill and schooling fish. Their body is made up of bones and muscle, and they swim with the use of their foreflippers and tail fin.


Whales are revered in many cultures. They are considered to be sacred by the Vikings and many arctic tribes. Some cultures have a long tradition of hunting them for their baleen, meat, and oil. Some whales are hunted for research purposes. While some whale hunting is done ethically, some groups have abused the loophole.


Commercial whaling is prohibited in most countries. However, some countries allow it. Whaling ships use explosive weapons to kill whales. While it is not legal in all countries, commercial whaling is a huge source of revenue for whalers during the industrial age. The oil from whale blubber was a valuable commodity and was used for a variety of commercial purposes. It was also a common ingredient in soaps and oil-based lamps, and was even used to make margarine.


The blubber of a whale is a thick layer of fat that is essential to keep its vital organs warm during cold climates. This layer can be as thin as an inch or as thick as eleven inches, depending on the species. This thickness can help determine the climate in which a whale lives.


Whales are fascinating creatures and often used as symbols of marine mammals. They have a long and storied history, and have been hunted by a variety of civilizations. However, they have also been the subjects of fascination and horror. For this reason, it is important to protect the whale population as well as the environment.


Whales are classified in four families. Among these are the rorquals, balaenids, and eschrichtiids. Their ancestors resemble modern whales in many ways. Their evolutionary history is very interesting. It is possible that their ancestors came from ungulates 50 million years ago. The ancestors of whales moved to the sea more than 8 million years ago.


Whales produce unique melodic sounds. Their songs, known as whale songs, can be heard miles away. Whales' vocalizations are complex and often last up to 30 minutes. They are produced by pushing air in their heads, and a blob of fat in their top jaw amplifies the sound. They also use these sounds to communicate with each other. Unfortunately, whales are endangered in many areas, and their numbers have not returned to their former levels. The threats include ships and fishing net entanglements.


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