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Often a symbol of wealth in the games we play, the treasure chest is a common game object in video games. Often it holds a single item, but they also often contain a lot of coins or perishables. In some cases, they can even contain a secret power-up that helps the player complete a level. There are many different games that use this object, and each one has its own special features.


The best place to find a treasure chest is usually in a dungeon, or in a level where people usually visit regularly. In some games, they have traps that can break the contents. In others, they can also be ruses. They may be empty, or they may be locked for a reason. In other games, they are stocked with a variety of items, allowing the player to complete a quest. They may also contain Collectible Treasures, such as coins and Power Moons.


These games also include simple games that use skulls, checkered fabric, or even cardboard. These games are made so that the player can pick from the numerous treasure chests that are scattered throughout the game. The object of the game is to pick the best chest, and get a prize. This is often done in teams, with the team that picks the best chest gaining the highest score.


These games also include the simple game of picking up all of the gems in a particular color. This can be a bit tricky, as the player has to use both their hands to pick up gems. If they have a dominant hand, they can pick up several gems at once. However, if they have a non-dominant hand, they can drop in the gems one at a time. They may even be able to beat the previous number.


In games like Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario Galaxy, there are treasure chests that contain coins, 1-Up Mushrooms, and shiny items that help the player progress through the level. However, these chests also have traps and other items that can be a hindrance to the player.


Another game that uses the treasure chest concept is the Treasure Trawlers minigame in the Mario Party series. In this game, players attempt to grab treasure chests that are floating in the air or underwater. The game's gimmick is that players can win a jackpot if they manage to get three chests in a row. In order to get the jackpot, they have to complete the game in the shortest time possible, while avoiding the hazards that are present.


The treasure chest is also a recurring minigame in The Legend of Zelda series. The chest is also a recurring object in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. In this game, the chest has an abstract design, so players have to move their character next to the chest to get it opened. The chest is also worth mentioning in Super Mario Bros., where Peach is given a treasure chest-like box at the start of the game.


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