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A train is a vehicle that travels on tracks. These tracks are made of steel and can be straight or curved. They may also be banked or have drainage systems. Sometimes the tracks have switches so that a train can change direction. These are important for controlling traffic. There are many ways to get information about trains.


A train can be a single locomotive or a group of locomotives. Some trains haul freight and passengers. Some trains are monorails. A train can also consist of one or more wagons or coaches. Different types are used for different purposes. You can find trains in different countries. For example, in New Zealand, trains haul freight.


Some trains run on public streets, which is why they are called street railways. Some cities in the United States and Canada call these streetcars. These trains are faster and can travel at a higher speed. The speed of a high-speed train can be as high as 200 km/h. In some countries, the word tram is also used to describe interurban or light rail systems.


Modern trains have many different cars on them. A single locomotive can haul up to 200 cars. A train consist is the collection of all cars and locomotives in the train. In some cases, a train can have more than one locomotive. Regardless of what type of train you ride, it's important to know exactly what you're getting in your commute.


There are two main types of trains: double-headed trains and single-headed trains. In the United Kingdom and Canada, a train can have three, four, or even five locomotives. In the United States, long freight trains are usually headed by three or four locomotives. Top-tailed trains, on the other hand, have locomotives on either end. These are used when there are reversing facilities. Another type of train is called a banking train.


Some railroads have a pension scheme for train drivers. The monthly amount depends on the number of years of service. Then, the number of years is divided by 1/60 to get the final monthly figure. Some unions also organize pension schemes for their members. For example, ASLEF's Railway Pension Scheme manages over PS18 billion in assets. It covers over 360,000 active and retired members of its railways in Britain.


Drivers of trains must be well-educated to operate the vehicle. A high school diploma is required to become a train driver, though there are also some options for those without a diploma. You must have good mechanical skills and be at least 20 years old. In addition, you must pass a comprehensive exam.


There are many jobs in railroading. A brakeman has a variety of responsibilities, but the most basic one is stopping the train. Historically, the brakeman was responsible for applying the brakes to individual cars, but these days, automatic braking systems have taken over.


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