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Toilets have several parts that are crucial for functioning. One of them is the float ball, which bobs on the surface of water in the tank. If the float ball is not functioning properly, it could cause the water in the tank to overflow. This can lead to flooding the bathroom. Another part is the refill tube, which runs from the fill valve to the bowl.


Toilets have several parts, but the most obvious part is the toilet bowl. The rest of the toilet consists of a tank, which is the largest and has the most moving parts. A faulty tank can lead to problems with flushing. Toilets also feature several mechanisms to keep water and waste water clean. A peek at the tank lid will reveal a variety of mechanisms, including a stop valve located behind the toilet.


Types of toilets


Toilets are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and features. The basic function is to dispose of liquid human waste in a sanitary manner. The types of toilets also vary in their flush controls and additional features. Each type of toilet has advantages and disadvantages. This article will focus on the most common types and their uses.


The most common type of toilet in homes is the two-piece toilet. These toilets are durable and energy-efficient. They are the most popular type of toilet in the United States. Another type is a wall-hung toilet. It features a wall-hung toilet bowl and a flush plate mounted on the wall. It has a removable tank and does not require drilling holes in the bathroom floor.


Alternative words for toilet


There are several alternative words for toilet in the English language. Firstly, the word latrine is not used widely. It is mostly used by military personnel, while civilians refer to such facilities as 'toilet'. The word lavatory comes from the Latin 'lavare', which originally meant washbasin. The word lavatory developed from the 14th century and was later used to mean 'toilet'. Alternatively, the word 'loo' can also be derived from the French phrase 'guardez l'eau'.


Another word for toilet is 'crapper', which first appeared in 1932 and is now the most common alternative word. The term was coined by the company that produced toilets, Thomas Crapper & Co Ltd. Crapper was responsible for inventing the u-bend and floating ballcock, two features that made toilets popular worldwide.


Common problems with toilets


Toilets can suffer from several common problems. When the water in a toilet continues to run, it is likely that the flapper or float assembly is malfunctioning. If you're unable to stop the water, you can adjust the angle of the float arm. A plastic valve requires you to turn an adjustment screw while a brass valve requires you to bend the float arm.


A cracked base is another common problem. This can lead to constant leaks in the toilet bowl or cause a pool of water around the toilet. When this happens, you may need to replace the toilet. A plumber can help you with the replacement process.


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