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Thought Bubbles are a great way to get children to think and to practice their critical thinking skills. Thought bubbles can be shaped into various shapes, such as a chain, an icicle, a sneeze, or a singing sound. You can also use duct tape to make stuck thought bubbles stick to the back of the board. The downside is that once you place a thought bubble on cardboard, it won't move.


Chain thought bubble


A thought bubble is a common visual symbol in cartoons. Usually, it consists of a large cloud-like bubble containing the character's thought, which is then linked by smaller circular bubbles. Some artists, however, use elliptical bubbles instead of cloud-shaped ones. Many animal characters speak using thought bubbles, and sometimes, it is used when a character is gagged or is otherwise unable to communicate verbally.


One popular cartoon series using thought bubbles is Suske en Wiske. The character in this show sometimes cuts a speech bubble open with scissors and then saves its contents in a bag similar to the pensieve in the Harry Potter series. The series also uses speech balloons, which are held like actual balloons. Sometimes, words are shown coming out of the speech bubble at supersonic speed.

Icicle bubble


A thought bubble is an object whose shape and size resembles a bubble. It is a very common visual effect in comic books and cartoons. It depicts a character thinking, and it often contains a message. There are many different types of thought bubbles. One popular type is an icicle bubble, which has jagged edges, representing cold hostility. Other types of thought bubbles may have slime, blood, or other materials dripping from their edges.


Another type of thought bubble is a speech bubble. These can be used for a variety of purposes. A thought bubble can convey an idea, a word, or an image. In comics, speech bubbles are sometimes cut with scissors and saved in a bag, like the pensieve used in the Harry Potter series. In a similar style, a speech bubble may be shaped like an actual balloon, and the words of the speech bubble are shown coming out.


Snore bubble


The idea of a snore bubble comes from western sleep representations. This popular cartoon uses the snoring sound, which is usually represented by a letter Z, in its word balloon. These bubbles are usually drawn in small letters and gray lettering to represent a softer voice than most speech. The sound of a snore is also sometimes represented by a musical note. For example, the cartoon character Melody Valentine often draws musical notes in her word balloons.


Singing bubble


If you're familiar with opera, you've likely noticed that thought bubbles are a common feature of the piece. These are basically speech bubbles with different shapes for different stages of mind. A thought bubble can also be a reflection of an image. For example, a monster bubble could represent blood or slime dripping from a monster's head.


Comic books also use thought bubbles to convey ideas. One popular type is the chain thought bubble, which typically consists of a large cloud-like bubble containing a single thought. It is connected by smaller, circular bubbles, but some artists use elliptical bubbles instead. Thought bubbles are also often used to represent non-human characters talking. Some of them are used when a character is gagged and is unable to speak.


Whisper bubble


A thought bubble is a common way to depict ideas and thoughts. These bubbles can also be used to convey a character's imagination. A wavy speech bubble, for instance, might indicate a speaker who is not confident in his or her speech abilities. In this way, a character can be seen to be thinking about something but may be too shy or self-conscious to express it.


A thought bubble can also be shaped like a cloud. This shape is useful in places where horizontal space is limited. In addition, this type of bubble can have many different shapes. It can be round, oval, or even cloud-like. A cloud-shaped bubble can represent a single thought, an idea, or even a daydream.


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