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A thermometer is a medical device used to measure the temperature of the human body. A thermometer works by measuring the average kinetic energy of molecules in the body. There are several types of thermometers, including liquid crystal thermometers, platinum resistance thermometers, infrared thermometers, and Luminescence thermometers. Each type has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. It is important to choose the correct thermometer for your needs.


Luminescence thermometers


Luminescence thermometers are instruments that use light to measure temperature. They use a luminescent detector composed of a doped material. The method used to measure temperature includes determining the luminescence intensity ratio between the emission and detection bands. The thermometer's accuracy can be greatly increased by using a combination of emission from lanthanide ions and transition metal ions.


Platinum resistance thermometers


Platinum resistance thermometers are the most accurate and sensitive temperature measurement tools. They were developed by Professor H. L. Callendar, a scientist at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. He published several papers on the subject and is considered the father of platinum resistance thermometry.


Liquid crystal thermometers


Liquid crystal thermometers, also known as temperature strips, contain heat-sensitive liquid crystals that change colour according to temperature. They are widely used for a wide range of temperature-related applications.


Magnetic thermometers


Magnetic thermometers are used to measure the temperature of a material. They work on the principle of Curie's law, which states that the magnetic susceptibility of a material is inversely proportional to the absolute temperature. They are used at low temperatures, typically less than one Kelvin. Magnetic thermometers have different types of magnetic moments.


Self-calibrating thermometers


Self-calibrating thermometers are used for temperature measurements. They feature a built-in heating element that raises the temperature of the fixed-point cell to a temperature that is close to the application temperature. As a result, a temperature plateau develops, which is used to calibrate the internal sensor element. However, undercooling the fixed-point material can cause systematic measurement errors.


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