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Several hospitals have started issuing tablets to patients, allowing them to easily access their medical records, stay up-to-date on their medications, and even create an email account. These devices can also be used to access specific health resources and to enter dietary needs. Hospitals that are considering implementing a tablet program should consider patient engagement and safety, as well as the potential for theft or damage.


In addition to making the patient's life easier, tablet-based medical technology is improving the overall organization of healthcare facilities. The accuracy of patient data is enhanced, which is beneficial for patients moving from facility to facility, and for staff members. Tablets can also be used to manage appointments, which improves efficiency and communication in healthcare facilities.


Tablets are also helping patients get connected with others experiencing the same experience. For example, patients recovering from ostomy surgery can use a tablet to connect with other patients who have gone through the same process. This helps them feel more informed and engaged about the recovery process. Tablets can also be used to deliver patient education materials and digital assessments.


Tablets also have graphics capabilities, which means that doctors can attach images to patients' files. With these, patients can better understand their medical conditions and explain them to other doctors. By using a tablet, doctors can also save time by not having to log into separate computers in each patient's room.


Tablets are often mounted on medical carts and are used to provide quick access to patient data. They can be easily moved from room to room and are compatible with standard VESA mounting hardware. Tablets can also be used for prescription writing and real-time data entry. This can reduce the amount of human error, which is crucial for health care facilities.


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