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A seashell is the hard exoskeleton of a marine mollusk, and they are the primary source of organic deposits to the seafloor. These animals shed their exoskeleton during molting, which often causes them to wash up on beaches. As a result, they are often classified as seashells.


They are a major source of organic deposits to the seafloor


Seashells are a major source of carbon, nitrogen, and other organic deposits to the sea. These shells are composed of calcium carbonate and small amounts of protein. They do not contain cells, but instead are formed by layers of sediment and organic matrix secreted from mollusks. The layers of sediment and shells eventually harden to form limestone.


The process of collecting seashells is important to the ecosystem and has been practiced by humans for millennia. The shells of sea creatures are valuable to human beings for many purposes, including currency, ornaments, cutting tools, and lamps. Native people all over the world have used shells for centuries. Some European explorers were even surprised to discover cowrie shells being used as currency in West Africa!


They are collected by clubs and societies


Seashell collecting began in the Middle Ages, when people began collecting natural objects as part of their private cabinets of curiosities. In the 17th century, scientific interest in shells began to grow. In 1681, Jesuit priest Filippo Bonanni published a two-volume atlas called Ricreazione dell'occhio et della mente nell'osservazione della chiocciole, which was one of the first scientific treatises on conchology. The next century, Martin Lister published Historia Conchyliorum, which is still considered the standard conchological text.


Shell collecting can be a very fun hobby for anyone of any age. With the correct knowledge, you can identify each type of shell and learn all about the creatures that live inside it. You can even join a shell club or society to help you organize your collection and meet other collectors. Many natural museums have collections of shells.


They are made of calcium carbonate


The shells of animals in the ocean are made of calcium carbonate. They are formed by animals like diatoms and radiolarians. They are also known as foraminifera and coccolithophores. These creatures produce shells that are visible to the naked eye and resemble those of miniature mollusks.


Seashells are composed of calcium carbonate, a soft mineral. The same mineral is used to make chalk, and it is so pliable and crumbly that it's thick enough to make sidewalk doodles. However, unlike chalk, seashells are very durable


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