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A pin is a rigid piece of material that is used to fasten things together. Pins come in various shapes and sizes. Some have sharp points, while others have rounded heads. The tip on a straight pin is made of a sharp metal and is intended to penetrate soft materials, while push pins are made from one strip of rigid, flexible material that is folded into parallel prongs. These prongs curve towards the middle of the strip, acting as a clamp to hold materials together.


The way to pin a document in Office is to hover over it and click on the pin icon. A pinned document will have a vertical icon, while an unpinned one will be slanted. Unpinned files can be removed from the pinned list. Using a pinned file in your office work will save you time when searching for a file.


Sewing pins are the most popular type of pins, and they are available in dozens of different shapes and sizes. The standard length of sewing pins is about one to two inches. However, if you are sewing a lace-piece, you may need to use a longer pin. In that case, you will want to use a thicker one, as the thinner ones may leave holes in delicate silk.


Pins are also useful for ironing. Pins with glass heads are ideal for fabrics because they will not melt when ironed. They also tend to bend easier, which is great for delicate fabrics. However, glass head pins are more expensive than their plastic-headed counterparts.


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