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In the first Frozen movie, Anna, the sister of icy queen Elsa, embarks on an epic journey to bring her sister back to her kingdom. Elsa has run away and trapped Arendelle in an eternal winter. Anna must overcome many obstacles to save her kingdom from the icy queen. Elsa struggles with her power to create ice, which she fears is dangerous.


The film opens with the Walt Disney Pictures logo appearing over a scene of an ice harvester hauling blocks of ice out of the lake. In the background, a boy named Kristoff works alongside the ice harvesters, accompanied by his reindeer Sven. In one scene, the two siblings try to imitate the ice harvesters by attempting to ride a single cubic block of ice, which is too heavy for them. Meanwhile, the Northern Lights fill the sky, making the scenes all the more spectacular.


The movie also includes a love story between Anna and Kristoff. Olaf reunites Anna with Kristoff, and the two eventually fall in love. Kristoff is also in love with Anna and decides to marry her, but Elsa doesn't approve of their relationship. As the two fall in love, Elsa loses control of her powers and freezes Arendelle. Fortunately, Anna saves the day by escaping from the ice castle.


The film's characters have interesting personalities. Anna is quirky, voiced by Kristen Bell, while Elsa is a Broadway veteran Idina Menzel. She has a desire to protect her kingdom and prevent anything from freezing over the coronation day. She also gets angry at the visiting prince, Santino Fontana, and accidentally plunges her kingdom into perpetual winter.


The movie has received widespread praise and commercial success. Many critics have dubbed it the best Disney movie since The Lion King. Its famous 'Let It Go' scene was named the best movie sequence of the year and compared favorably with the opening sequence of Pixar's Up. It was also lauded as a feminist anthem and a coming-out song. Several critics have claimed that the film marked the beginning of a second Disney Renaissance.


While the film is not a perfect adaptation of the musical, its cast is superb. Menzel, Gad, Fontana, and Gad all have impressive acting talents. As the orphan queen, Elsa has a special magical power and she is reluctant to share it with Anna. However, when Elsa is crowned queen of Arendelle, she loses her control of her magic at the coronation party. Anna then sets out to bring Elsa back.


Several of the scenes in the film required the use of new technologies. One such tool, called the Matterhorn, allowed artists to accurately reproduce snow and its unique properties. It also made it possible to make complex interactions between characters and the snow.


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