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The fox is a highly adaptable animal. It is known to live in many different types of environments, including cities and rural areas. Some subspecies of fox have been observed to thrive in the city environment, where they take advantage of their nocturnal nature. There are several other subspecies of fox that are both endangered and threatened. The red fox, however, enjoys healthy population levels worldwide. While it is not a popular choice for pet owners, it does have a certain charm and has been used as a messenger and a mischievous spirit for centuries. It is also a symbol of intelligence.


The red fox usually lives in families of two to five individuals. The female is the dominant member of the family and usually raises the young. However, male foxes have also been known to raise young on their own. During breeding season, females dig a simple den where they can keep their young. This den may be an outbuilding or even in a tree. In addition to digging its own den, foxes also enlarge the tunnels of other burrowing animals.


Like all canines, foxes are omnivorous. While they mostly eat small mammals and birds, they also eat insects, carrion, fruit, and berries. They are also known to bury extra prey. In addition to their varied diets, foxes are social, vocal, and curious. They are primarily nocturnal, although they are occasionally seen during the day.


Although there are several different species of fox, the red fox is the most common and widespread species in the world. With over 30 recognized subspecies, the fox contributes to the popular culture in many societies around the world. Historically, fox hunting was practiced with hounds, and European settlers brought the practice to the New World.


In urban and suburban areas, foxes are often found living near humans. They thrive near humans due to the presence of food, water, and cover. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the chances of having a fox problem. Following a few basic practices will help prevent fox problems in your area. You should also share these tips with your neighbors. The best way to keep a fox away from your home is to ensure that your yard is free of garbage and other sources of food.


The red fox is one of the most common canid species and can be recognized by its red coat. It measures approximately 35-40 inches long from tip of nose to tip of tail and weighs seven to fifteen pounds. Its fur is typically reddish in color, but it can vary from light yellow to deep auburn red and frosted black. Its tail is another distinctive trait of red foxes that helps differentiate it from other species at any age. Furthermore, red foxes have vertical pupils which enhance their night vision.


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