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Flamingos are wading birds that belong to the order Phoenicopteriformes. They have four species that are native to the Americas and two that are native to Afro-Eurasia. The birds live in a variety of habitats, including lakes, rivers, and marshes.


Flamingos are colorful birds that have pink feathers and long, slender legs. Their long, curved bill is an interesting feature. These birds live in warm countries near bodies of water. The pink and red plumage of flamingos is the result of pigments found in algae and invertebrates. Flamingos have been around for thousands of years. Their distinctive plumage makes them a popular, eye-catching bird for many people.


Flamingos feed on algae, small insects, and other animals in shallow water. Their bill has comb-like plates that trap and filter food and particles. Flamingos live in large groups, called flamboyance. They live in tropical regions including the Caribbean and South America.


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While flamingos can look intimidating at first, they are friendly and happy birds once they are fed. In addition, they never fight over food. They also live in large groups and are known to form massive flocks on large lakes in East Africa. Flamingos are also beautiful to watch when they are in flight. Their long necks make them a striking sight and are visible in almost any position.


When flamingos lay their eggs, their nests are mounds of mud. The nests can be two feet tall, and are surrounded by a trench. The female flamingo lays one large egg, and the two parents work together to make the nest. The chicks are small and white with swollen pink legs. The chicks grow quickly and eventually turn black.


The pink color of flamingos is a result of beta carotene, which is found in algae. Carotenoids are naturally occurring pigments in food. They also give carrots and ripe tomatoes their orange or red hue. Flamingos metabolize these compounds to obtain the pink color they have. Flamingos are known to feed on small fish and invertebrates.


Flamingos live in many parts of the world. There are four species of flamingos. Greater flamingos live in the Western Indies, Yucatan, and parts of South America. They are also found in Africa and the Middle East. The lesser flamingos are the most common and have more than two million individuals.


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