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Choosing a fence for your home is an important decision. The material used for a fence can vary greatly, and you should consider the type of property you live in when choosing the material. Choosing a natural material, such as timber, is a good idea. These materials are often easy to work with and will last a long time. However, you should be aware of the drawbacks of using a natural material for a fence.


Before you start building a fence, get the land surveyed. This will ensure that you are building on your own property and that you aren't encroaching on a neighbor's property. Contact the records office in your country to find out if it is necessary to obtain a survey.


You should also take into consideration the property line. A fence that is outside the property line may encroach on a neighbor's property. This can create a problem when selling your house. A new owner may not want to pay for land that they don't use. This can lead to a legal battle between the two parties.


In addition to preventing encroachment, a fence can also help you plan additions or renovations to your home. It can help you determine how much space you have on your property and where you can build a pool. It can also help you decide which type of swing set to put in your yard. Furthermore, a fence lets you know where the boundaries of your property begin and end.


Before you decide on the material and design of your fence, think about the reason for installing one. It may be to keep your dog inside the yard, or you may want to block noise or add a decorative element to your home. In any case, a fence will add to the visual aesthetics of your home.


The cost of fencing a house can vary considerably, depending on where you live and how much fence material you need. Prices vary by linear foot, and you can expect to pay anywhere from $17 to $40 per linear foot. If you want your fence to be taller, you may have to pay more.


The most common reason for installing a fence is for privacy. It allows you to feel more secure in your home and keeps unwanted eyes out. You can also add some trees and shrubs to your property for additional privacy. This is important if you live in an area where criminal activity is common. In addition to preventing intruders, fences also prevent wild animals from gaining access to your property. A fence can also keep your children safe from harm.


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