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One of the most iconic characters from the classic fairy tale is Cinderella. She wears a brown dress with a white apron and black flats, and has a ponytail. Her name is Cinderella, and her best friends are mice and birds. She even has a horse named Major.


Cinderella's original name was Ella, but the stepsisters decided to call her Cinderella after discovering she slept near a fireplace and had been covered in cinder. Originally, Ella was played by Eloise Webb as a young girl, but she later grew up to be played by Lily James. Her stepsisters are Jaq and Gus, her cousins, who are both named after famous people. Despite their names, both of them are fond of cheese.


While preparing breakfast for the animals, she also prepares a meal for the stepsisters and the King. Cinderella is eager to go to the ball, but she needs to finish her chores. She also needs to find a suitable dress for the occasion. Fortunately, she has a dress left over from her deceased mother's party. She plans to repair the dress herself, but is too busy and distracted to do so. The mice then steal her stepsisters' old sash and beads, which she uses to fix her dress.


Cinderella is an enchanting tale of a princess. Those who have read it know that the characters are full of surprises. This magical tale will delight young and old alike. The story is filled with wonder, magic, and adventure. If you're interested in learning more about the story, this book will be a valuable addition to your library.


The fairy godmother, aka the Fairy Godmother, helps Cinderella realize her dream. She transforms her homemade dress into a beautiful ball gown, complete with a sparkling white petticoat. Her hairstyle is done in a French twist, and she wears a silver opera glove. Her servants, however, wear brown dresses with a powder blue blouse and a black flat.


Cinderella is a strong, independent young woman who loses her father at a very young age. She's not a naive, childlike character, and is resilient in spite of the many hardships she faces. She loves to dress up and believes in true love. She's also a strong advocate for the value of dreams.


Lucifer is the third antagonist in the Cinderella franchise. He is the sinister counterpart to Bruno. He is a sly mouse that tries to rob the pet dog Bruno of milk. He also scratches Bruno while Cinderella is away. This character is a frequent recurring one in the Disney films.


The evil stepsister, Drizella, is another main villain in the story. She plots to ruin the princess' life. Lady Tremaine, her sister, and Cinderella have a relationship. The evil stepsister, Drizella, is also an antagonist in the Disney animated series, but unlike Cinderella, she's not as vile.


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