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A building is a structure that consists of walls and a roof. It may be portable or permanent and is used for many purposes. Its design and construction have varied throughout history and can reflect a wide variety of factors. In addition to sheltering people from weather and fire, buildings are used to provide comfort and general living space.


Buildings range from simple huts to multimillion-dollar apartment blocks. High-rise buildings can house thousands of people. The increasing densification of settlements is usually a reaction to the high cost of land. As a result, people want to live close to their jobs and other similar attractors. Some of the most common building materials include brick and concrete.


A building may sustain damage during construction or during maintenance. Several factors contribute to building damage, including accidents, fire, and landslides. Buildings can also depreciate over time if they aren't maintained properly. Different types of buildings require different construction methods and materials. If you're building a high-rise building, you may want to invest in a steel frame, for example.


Building design includes the design of the interior, exterior, and decorative elements of a building. Many people call these designs "blueprints." They must be filed with the local government before construction can begin. Depending on the type of building, you may want to hire an architect to create a building design that complies with current building codes.


Buildings are systems that interact with one another to ensure efficiency. This includes the exterior, interior, and connection to municipal sewer and electrical grids. Using a system-approach can increase the overall efficiency of a building and reduce costs throughout its lifetime. For example, using energy-efficient materials for buildings can improve energy efficiency, health and safety, and durability.


Building science is a field of knowledge that draws from different fields, including architecture and engineering. It uses many different tools to create buildings. Modern buildings have climate-control systems that adjust air temperature, light and sound, humidity, odours, and air speed. Some are even constructed using green architecture, which uses environmental-friendly technologies to minimize the impact of the building on the environment.


Building standards are designed to provide the minimum requirements for a wide range of building elements. They can cover everything from sprinklers to exit signage to windows. And they're developed by organizations such as the American Society of Civil Engineers and the National Fire Protection Association. Often, these codes are adopted by government bodies, which can make them enforceable.


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