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An alligator is a large reptile that belongs to the family Alligatoridae in the Crocodilia order. There are several species of alligator living today, including the American alligator and the Chinese alligator. There are also a number of extinct alligator species that have been studied through fossils.


Alligators have armored bodies made of bony plates. Their bones are covered in vascular networks and aid in calcium balance, which is essential in eggshell formation. They also have flat, muscular tails. Their eyes and ears are on top of their long head. Their nostrils project above the water surface to help them breathe.


Eating alligator meat may seem like a strange choice to some, but for many it's a delicious treat. In some parts of the world, the meat is considered a delicacy. While the tail is the most common part of an alligator that is eaten, other parts of the alligator can be enjoyed as well.


In terms of reproduction, alligators have two types of eggs: male and female. Female alligators usually stay in a small area, while males extend their range to more than two square miles during breeding season. Female alligators lay their eggs in a nest, which is made of detritus. Female alligators guard their nests with their mouths.


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