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An Air Balloon is a hot air balloon that floats at a high altitude. The balloon is filled with fuel, which is usually liquid propane. The heated air makes the balloon buoyant, because its density is lower than the surrounding air. Hot air balloons come in many shapes, and are often used to advertise a business.


The process of launching a balloon is relatively simple. The pilot floats the balloon, which is filled with hot air. As the balloon gets hot enough, the pilot can fire up the burner and the balloon will take off. Once in the air, the pilot is at the mercy of the wind and can only control the altitude.


The first air balloon was launched in Paris in 1782 by Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier. They discovered that a light bag filled with hot air would rise into the atmosphere, as the air expands and becomes less dense. Their first hot air balloon was launched in Paris on June 21, 1782. The typical hot air balloon has three major parts: the envelope, the basket, and the burner.


A balloon can carry several people. One person can ride a Cloudhopper or Hopper, while a larger balloon can carry two or three dozen passengers. Large commercial operations use balloons with envelope volumes of up to 15,000 cubic meters. The most common balloon is about 2,500 cubic meters, and carries three to four passengers.


The flight time depends on the type of weather. Mornings are best for flying balloons, as the temperature is cooler. Winds that are less than ten miles per hour are preferable. During the day, hot air balloons can float at high altitudes and offer spectacular views. In addition to the spectacular views, they're also thrilling.


There were two historical hot air balloons that broke the altitude record. These two first flights were documented by Benjamin Franklin. Originally, hot air balloons were used as military signals. The first passenger flight was conducted in 1783. The flight took place in France. On 21 November, the flight was officially recorded.


Competitions for hot air balloon flights are often called races. These events test pilots' accuracy. The pilot aims to fly as close as possible to various targets. The pilot drops weighted markers with identifying numbers. The distance between these markers and the target determines the score of the flight. In some competitions, the pilot must hit five or more targets.


Hot air balloons are popular with tourists. The air inside the balloon is warmer than the surrounding air. They can reach heights of 600 meters. They can also carry a payload, such as a sheep or duck. The basket is tied to the balloon and a cannon shot signals liftoff.


Although hot air balloon crashes are rare, they do occur. Most pilots are very attentive to the weather conditions, but unexpected bad weather can cause a hot air balloon to crash. Nonetheless, hot air ballooning is both fun and safe.


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