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The Adidas AG is a multinational corporation based in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria. It designs and manufactures clothing and footwear. It is the largest sportswear maker in Europe and the second largest manufacturer worldwide. But what exactly is Adidas? Read on to learn more about this famous company. Incorporated in 1919, the company has expanded into numerous product categories, including athletic shoes and clothing, athletic apparel, and accessories.


The company's mission statement emphasizes the importance of improving sports through innovation and product improvement. The brand focuses on men and women athletes of all levels and is committed to sponsoring young talent in the sport. It has invested heavily in infrastructure, professionalism, quality, and sustainability. It also prioritizes the protection of the environment and pursues innovation at the highest level.


The Adidas brand has been around for almost a century, and the three-stripe logo is one of the most iconic. The company's logo embodies its unique designs and diverse products, including running shoes, athletic apparel, and athletic footwear. It is also a symbol of diversity, dynamism, and coverage across three continents. The company has 28 retail stores in the United Kingdom and is now the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world.


The company's core values have been exemplary since its inception. They are still followed today in all aspects of the company. From manufacturing the shoes and athletic apparel to deciding how to advertise the brand, Adidas always considers these values. Additionally, it employs chemists, engineers, and clothing experts to ensure the highest quality input is put into their merchandise.


Adidas is one of the most popular sportswear brands. Its target market is made up of professional and amateur athletes, as well as fashion conscious consumers. It has also partnered with popular cultural icons and celebrities, like Kanye West. Its products are designed to encourage the consumer to participate in sport. In order to achieve that, Adidas has worked hard to develop a strong brand image focused on performance.


Adidas started in 1924 and today is a leader in the manufacturing of athletic equipment and clothing. Its products include everything from track shoes to deodorants. Adidas first gained international recognition during the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. The track star Jesse Owens was equipped with Adidas track shoes, which helped him win four gold medals.


The company has several subsidiaries around the world. Its products are extremely high-quality and fit for international competitions. As a result, Adidas is a worldwide household name. The company's global presence is bolstered by its collaboration with some of the world's most famous sports celebrities. And Adidas continues to grow and expand its brand recognition.


Adidas is known for its cutting-edge technology. The Boost technology in its running shoes, for example, increases the return of energy with each stride. This is designed to help runners improve their competitive performance. Adidas places high importance on performance and style, and wants to empower athletes to perform to their fullest capacity.


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